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Mag-Nificent Pools has been a Pool Contractor on the Gulf Coast since 2005. It takes a lot of pride and commitment to earn the distinction of a pool contractor you can trust. A lot of pool contractors never make it past 3 years. At the time of this post, Mag-Nificent Pools has been a pool contractor for more than 4 times that. Trust must be earned, and to be trusted is a great source of pride. The formula is simple. Put the customer first.

Licensed Pool Contractor

Mag-Nificent Pools is a licensed and insured pool contractor. You want to have faith in your pool contractor. A pool contractor that is licensed demonstrates that the business is legitimate, and not some shady fly-by-night contractor. A pool is a big investment. You need assurances. Being licensed shows that the pool contractor has taken steps to provide those assurances. In the first place, a license is usually required by law, to perform any skilled labor on another person’s property.

Insured Pool Contractor

It is important to realize that insurance is critical. Often heavy equipment is used to excavate the hole for a swimming pool. Big, heavy machinery can cause extensive damage in short order. What if the damage costs more than the contractor is able to pay? Without contractor insurance, the home-owner might be liable for any damage that the contractor cannot cover. Often, insurance is required by law. But such requirements vary from state to state. Mag-nificent Pools is insured, so rest assured that mishaps will be covered.pool contractor you can trust
Mag-Nificent Pools, Inc. has been installing and repairing inground vinyl liner pools since 2005. Every day of that time has been spent building a rock-solid reputation and demonstrable commitment to customer satisfaction.
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