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Inground Swimming Pool Contractor

Looking for a trusted inground swimming pool contractor? With an excellent reputation and work ethic, Mag-Nificent Pools has been a quality inground swimming pool contractor since 2005. From the start of the project until the end, you will know your best interests will be our primary concern. Your new swimming pool will be a treasure and welcomed oasis on steamy days and sultry nights.

Types of Inground Swimming Pool

For all practical purposes, there are three types of inground swimming pools. You have vinyl liner pools, gunite (concrete) pools and fiberglass pools. Each type of swimming pool has its own set of pros and cons. For example, gunite pools have a longer lifespan than a vinyl liner pool. A vinyl liner pool is less porous than a gunite pool. This is better for controlling algae and micro-organisms. A fiberglass pool can be more durable than a vinyl liner swimming pool. However, repairs are typically much more expensive than for a vinyl liner pool.
Mag-Nificent Pools, Inc. is a trusted inground swimming pool contractor specializing in vinyl liner swimming pools. Vinyl liner pools have a much lower installation cost than gunite pools. An inground vinyl pool offers more style options than fiberglass.

inground swimming pool

A Customer-Oriented Swimming Pool Contractor

Installing a new inground swimming pool is not a small consideration for the homeowner. Having a pool contractor that is trustworthy is a very big deal. The owner of Mag-Nificent Pools, Inc. takes every project personally. From the start of a project to the finish, the homeowner is in the loop. Trust and customer satisfaction is everything to Mag-Nificent Pools. A swimming pool contractor must be in tune with the homeowner. The quality must be high while keeping the costs low. The finished project must be a source of pride for both the pool contractor and the homeowner.

A Pool Contractor You Can Trust.

Are planning on installing a new inground vinyl liner swimming pool? Do you have one that needs repair? Need custom landscaping for your inground swimming pool? You can trust Mag-Nificent Pools to provide high-quality, customer-oriented results.
Time after time.

An Inground Swimming Pool Contractor You can count on.

For more than a decade, Mag-Nificent Pools has been providing high-quality inground vinyl liner swimming pool installation and repair. Servicing the Alabama Gulf Coast with pride and dedication. From start to finish, you will be glad you went with Mag-Nificent Pools, Inc.
Mag-Nificent Pools, a trusted inground swimming pool contractor since 2005.

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