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Swimming Pool Builders

Swimming pool builders are in very high demand, especially in the late spring and early summer. They usually have projects scheduled weeks or months in advance. If you have a swimming pool in your dreams, a reliable and trusted pool builder should be in your address book. Installing a swimming pool is not a DIY project.
A beautiful back-yard swimming pool can be many great things. A pool can be a refuge. It can be a family gathering spot. Or, the perfect venue for special events. To be sure, a pool can be many things for many people. But, before you bring the daydreams to reality, there are things to consider.

Swimming Pool Builders - Mag-nificent Pools

Swimming Pool Builders Should be Licensed

One of the very first things you should ask prospective swimming pool builders is, “Can I see your license?”. License requirements differ from location to location. But generally, they are not simply given to anyone that asks for one. Alabama, for example, requires swimming pool builders to acquire a General-Contractor license if the swimming pool value, including material and labor, is $5000 or more. While the $300 application fee is not a monumental expenditure, it indicates the swimming pool builder’s commitment to his, or her, business. Applicants for a General Contractors license are required to provide references. The references will verify the swimming pool builder’s work experience.

Swimming Pool Builders Should be Insured/Bonded

Swimming pool installation has a substantial level of risk. Heavy machinery, such as excavators and dump-trucks are usually a requirement. Mishaps with heavy equipment are seldom insignificant. Who pays to rectify damage? If your pool builder is not insured, it will probably be you. Your neighbor’s property can also be at risk. It is unconscionable that a licensed contractor would not have adequate insurance. But, it happens. Better make sure.

Swimming Pool Builders Should Have References

References and testimonials are incredibly useful. So how do you discover a pool builder’s track record? You can simply ask the pool builder. First, ask how many pools did you build/install last year? Then ask, of those, how many can you use for a reference? No one is likely to have a 100% satisfied customer base. But, the ratio to installs to references should be high. If not, ask the contractor why.
Find out if your prospective pool builder is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Find out how long they/he/she has been in business. Check social media for mentions and/or remarks.

Swimming Pool Builders Sometimes Use Sub-Contractors

Using sub-contractors is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a very common practice. However, the personnel should be somewhat consistent. A high turnover rate should cause pause for thought. Sub-contractors should definitely be trusted by the general contractor. They are representatives of the general contractor. If they don’t stay around long enough to gain trust with the general contractor, the general contractor should not expect you to trust them. Sub-contractors will spend a substantial period of time on your property, often unsupervised. Trust, therefore, is very important.
In summary, choosing a trusted swimming pool builder is important. A swimming pool is a big investment. Ensure your satisfaction. By all means, do adequate research. Always do your homework! When in doubt, don’t.

Looking for a swimming pool builder you can trust? Look no further than Mag-Nificent Pools. Building trust, relationships and quality pools since 2005.

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  • MARSHA M HADAWAY May 28, 2018, 1:39 pm

    Swimming pool builders can be the heros of the household. Nothing beats coming home from a hot and hectic workday, and being able to slip into the cool refreshing swimming pool. My family spends a great deal of time around our pool. Our visitors know that if they come calling, the first place to look for us is in the back yard, lounging by the swimming pool. It is really a central focus of our family time. Usually, we only go inside to sleep. We read, eat, chat and socialize around our pool most of the year. Except for our 17 days of Winter!

    • Anna Wilcox June 15, 2018, 7:05 pm

      I really can’t imagine our life without a pool in the back yard. We spend a major portion of our time poolside. Meals, get-togethers, lounging and, my favorite, dozing, all have our pool as a centerpiece.

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