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Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Are Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools Right For You?

Vinyl Liner swimming pools are an affordable option to cement or fiberglass pools. All pools need maintenance, but overall, the cost is lower with Vinyl Liner pools. Not only is the initial cost of building a vinyl liner swimming pool lower than a fiberglass or gunite pool, the lifetime cost is lower as well.

Vinyl liner swimming pools expenses can be lower than you might think. According to home advisor, inground vinyl pool liners can cost between $700 and $1500. Definitely not an expense to look forward to. But, the good news is that a vinyl liner can last you 5 or 6 years. The choice of colors and styles is amazing. So much so, it can be time-consuming to decide on your favorite. The shape of a inground vinyl pool, unlike one made of fiberglass, is very versatile. Pretty much limited only by your imagination and the pool contractor’s ability.

Installing A Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

installing vinyl liner swimming pools

Here on the beautiful Gulf Coast, we have a relatively low cost of living. You can get much more splash for the buck here than in most other parts of the country. With that said, vinyl liner pools still represent a substantial investment. Vinyl liner pools are much less expensive, dollar for dollar, than fiberglass or gunite/concrete swimming pools.

Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools Are Versatile

While gunite pools are fairly versatile in matters of design, vinyl liners pools are much more so. Fiberglass pools have the least number of design options. Panels used in forming the walls of a vinyl pool can be arrayed into almost any shape imaginable. The actual vinyl pool liner comes in an amazing selection of colors and styles.
The obvious first step is shopping for a reliable and trusted swimming pool contractor. Mag-Nificent Pools has been satisfying customers since 2005.
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